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  • Celebrate with us as we reflect on Telemynd's achievements in 2023, including our Glassdoor Best Place to Work award, expanded patient access through strategic partnerships, and our commitment to empowering heroes and their families with accessible mental health care. Explore our notable contributions to military spouse employment, Holidays for the Heroes, and featured placements, showcasing our dedication to mental health advocacy. Join us in recognizing the key milestones that define Telemynd's success in the mental healthcare world.


    Awarded Glassdoor Best Places to Work

    Unlike other workplace awards, there is no self-nomination or application process, instead it’s entirely based on the feedback our team has voluntarily and anonymously shared on Glassdoor. A huge thank you goes out to everyone on our team who took the time to share their perspective on what it’s like to work here. We appreciate all the valuable feedback as it only helps us improve. Below are just a few words employees shared on Glassdoor that contributed toward the award.

    Innovative and SupportiveClinical Care Manager

    “Telemynd has been incredibly supportive since I started about a year and a half ago. They are a company who cares about their clients, employees and care providers. Genuinely interested in making their own footprint in the teletherapy world and bridging gaps in underserved communities. While the company may be virtual it feels anything but. Everyone is very connected and there is an emphasis on human connection and that personal touch.”

    Professional and Pleasant Working EnvironmentLicensed Marriage and Family Therapist

    “I very much enjoy working with Telemynd as an independent contractor, very professional and caring staff, quick response to questions, very supportive to both patients and therapists, I highly recommend this company to those who have the love and passion for treating patients toward their healing process.”

    Great Work/Life BalanceLicensed Clinical Social Worker

    “I love working for Telemynd! The people are great and I am able to schedule my own appointments and see as many clients or as few as I wish. I am not stuck in an 8-6 setting seeing clients every hour and then working until late at night to get my notes done (sound familiar?). If you value your work/life balance and want to work for a company that truly appreciates your contribution to the mental health field, please consider Telemynd.”


    Expanded Patient Access Through Partnerships

    Telemynd is constantly pursuing its mission to expand access to care and has done so through its strategic alliances with prominent healthcare providers including Aetna, Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey, TRICARE, and the Veterans Association (VA). Towards the end of 2023 Telemynd significantly broadened their patient access with its partnership with UnitedHealthcare. This collaboration has enabled us to provide mental health services to an extensive network of over 82 million individuals.


    Obtained URAC Accreditation

    We're incredibly proud of the entire Telemynd team for achieving URAC accreditation for Telehealth. It's a testament to our unwavering dedication to providing top-notch digital healthcare services to those who need it most. This accreditation is a reflection of the hard work and commitment of every member of our organization. We're excited to continue our mission of expanding access to quality mental healthcare through innovative telehealth solutions


    Continued Putting People First

    Our commitment to delivering care and putting people first has never been more evident than reviewing the number of lives we've been able to positively impact over the past year. We've had a record year of helping tens of thousands of patients receive care for the first time. With 98% of survey respondents saying they plan to continue using Telemynd. Our dedication to the military and veteran community remains our top priority, expanding access and delivering more than 300,000 hours of care to service members and their families over the course of the past year.


    Empowering Heroes & Their Families

    At Telemynd, we wholeheartedly believe that our service members and their families deserve nothing less than the best in mental health care. To fulfill this commitment, we've developed a national network comprised of highly skilled therapists and prescribers. What's more, we've seamlessly extended our secure platform to encompass TRICARE and VA-covered mental health services.

    4+1 Military Spouse Employment

    Telemynd is proudly joined Blue Star Families and Hiring Our Heroes in the 4+1 Commitment to combat military spouse unemployment. As a leading military community mental health services provider, we are dedicated to supporting military families, retirees, and veterans across all 50 states.

    Our commitment goes beyond mental health services, emphasizing the recruitment of military community members to enhance our understanding and support on a deeper level. 🇺🇸

    Explore more about this important initiative on the Blue Star Families website and click here to watch a clip of the event.

    Holidays For The Heroes

    Holidays for the Heroes is a heartfelt initiative dedicated to spreading joy and support to military personnel and their families during the holiday season. Through organizing special events, distributing festive care packages, and facilitating the homecoming of 43 active-duty service members this year, the initiative goes above and beyond to foster a sense of community for those far from home. Telemynd is proud to contribute to this wonderful effort, having donated $2,000 to support the cause this year. To learn more or donate to this wonderful organization check out their website here.


    Featured Placements

    • PopSmoke Media Feature: Telemynd - A New Tool Against Military Suicide — PopSmoke Media, a veteran-run Media Production and Distribution platform, recognized Telemynd as a valuable resource in the battle against military suicide. Originally founded to bring laughter to troops worldwide, PopSmoke has evolved its mission to entertain, educate, and advocate for the military and veteran community. Read the article here
    • Smoke Pit Podcast: TeleMYND, Body & Soul (Season 6, Episode 😎 — Telemynd's impactful presence was acknowledged on the Smoke Pit podcast during an episode titled "TeleMYND, Body & Soul," hosted by Jamie Goldstein with a special interview with Grant Khanbalinov, a navy veteran and mental health advocate. This podcast aims to destigmatize mental health in the military community, emphasizing Telemynd's role in fostering open conversations and support for mental well-being. Listen to the full episode here.
    • Military Family MagazineTelemynd’s personalized approach to supporting military mental health ‘saves lives every day’ — At Telemynd, we're thrilled to share how our personalized telebehavioral health services are making a significant impact in addressing the immediate mental health needs of the military community. This article highlights our commitment to providing swift assistance without the typical wait times, emphasizing our TRICARE approval and distinctive people-first approach that prioritizes personal connections. With over 200,000 hours of annual mental health care and an impressive 98% satisfaction rate, Telemynd stands as a reliable solution amid the ongoing military mental health crisis. Read the Article here or visit our website at www.telemynd.com to learn more.
    • Wives of the Armed ForcesHow To Use Telemynd: Empowering the Military Community with Comprehensive Mental Health Solutions — This article, by the Wives of the Armed Forces, explores Telemynd's approach to addressing unique mental health challenges, offering tailored telepsychiatry and teletherapy services. The platform's network of licensed professionals specializes in military culture, trauma, PTSD, anxiety, and depression, ensuring personalized support. Telemynd's commitment to accessible care is highlighted, providing comprehensive services, including psychiatric evaluations and counseling. The article guides readers on starting with Telemynd, emphasizing a personalized matching process for the right mental health professional. By offering convenient, tailored, and comprehensive solutions, Telemynd empowers the military community to prioritize emotional well-being. Click here to read the articl
    • Milspouse Matters: Dealing with Anxiety as a Military Spouse  — This podcast is committed to providing support for military spouses through insightful interviews that delve into the genuine experiences of being a part of this community. Their aim is to foster a supportive community where military spouses can connect, share stories, resources, and practical tips. In this episode Jen McDonald, the host of the podcast interviews Erin, widely known as The Short Wife across social media channels. Beyond offering a glimpse into her daily life, they also tackle the topic of dealing with anxiety as a military spouse, as Erin is a passionate advocate for mental healthcare. Follow the provided link here to join this conversation, gaining profound insights into Erin's journey and discovering her endorsement of Telemynd as an exemplary mental health service for the entire military community.
    • The Short Wife: My Greatest Anxiety: Having Kids — Sponsored by Telemynd, The Short Wife's blog article delves into her anxiety journey, particularly the fears around having children. It candidly explores her challenges, starting in 2016 when the idea of parenthood triggered intense anxiety. Overcoming this fear involved years of therapy and support. The Short Wife emphasizes the vital role of professional help, praising Telemynd as a nationwide online telehealth service providing comprehensive mental health care. Accepting various plans, including TRICARE and the VA, Telemynd supports anxiety, depression, family, marriage counseling, and more. The article concludes with gratitude to Telemynd for sponsoring essential mental health care, encouraging readers to seek support and highlighting the significance of therapy in navigating life's challenges. Don't miss out on The Short Wife's engaging and relatable content! Stay connected with her journey by exploring her blog and following her on various social media platforms today.

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