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  • Are you a podcast fan? If so, you’re with 41% of Americans who regularly listen to a podcast. If you haven’t jumped on the podcast trend yet, grab a pair of headphones, turn to Apple, Spotify, or any of the many independent broadcasters, and listen in to be educated, entertained, and inspired by the amazing audio content available. Podcasts are like a mini-radio show, but about a specific topic in which you are interested - and they're free and typically easy to find. Thousands of podcasts are available on every possible topic from business and sports to technology and health - and everything in between.

    We’ve curated eight popular and highly-rated podcasts about mental health and listed them here. Topics covered include anxiety, depression, addiction, and more. Whether you are living with a mental health disorder, caring for a loved one with mental health issues, or are a clinician treating patients, we think you’ll find these podcasts informative and inspiring.

    213836217_AnxietyPodcast.jpg.7c4140215004f33f8ee5a67027f7407a.jpgThe Anxiety Podcast - Host Tim JP Collins suffers from anxiety and panic attacks himself and now supports others with anxiety. Each week on this top-rated podcast, Tim interviews relatable guests of all ages who talk about their own anxiety stories and how they’ve learned to cope with the disorder.




    1781738807_TheHilariousWorldofDepression.jpg.a0e42a5a7cda1277de4850238297ded7.jpgThe Hilarious World of Depression - Humor is not the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about depression - but give this 5-star podcast a chance before writing it off. It’s a series of conversations with comedians who suffer from depression - that’s right, comedians (it's a lot more common in the industry than you’d think), and how they’ve dealt with (or not dealt with) the symptoms of depression. Very inspiring. 



    1296547498_DearTherapists.jpg.bb2421880c9b50f6a10e29f91daf99e3.jpgDear Therapists - Each week, therapists Lori Gottlieb and Guy Winch (who are also popular authors and TED speakers), give advice to ordinary (but anonymous) people looking for help with mental health issues. The audience gets to be a “fly-on-the-wall” and hear the informative and relatable conversations - including actionable advice - between the hosts and the patients.



    1027968822_therapyforblackgirls.jpg.4c40d5861e06a35e7a9b85aec4ac3592.jpgTherapy for Black Girls - Licensed psychologist Dr. Joy Harden Bradford offers a weekly discussion about all things mental health, personal development, and personal care - aimed specifically at issues experienced by black women in America.



    1676776149_TerribleThanksForAsking.jpeg.9d26dd0237f6e0e641c4a76d19dc4ed4.jpegTerrible, Thanks For Asking - One of our personal favorites; Lest you think your friends and neighbors all seem ‘fine’ on the outside, host Nora McInerny asks real people to share their complicated and honest feelings about how they really are. It’s happy, sad, funny, and truly relatable. We all have issues, and sometimes it's nice to have that feeling validated.



    spacer.pngThe Gratitude Diaries - Regularly acknowledging feelings of gratitude has been shown to be a coping skill for anxiety and depression, and in this podcast, host Janice Kaplan explores how gratitude can transform relationships, careers, health, and well-being. She explains the science behind the practice of gratitude and how to make it a regular habit. Also in book form, the podcast can stand alone.



    1984437567_LatinxTherapy.jpg.574da724044c01430eac12a93ddb2829.jpgLatinx Therapy - Host Adriana Alejandre, LMFT, engages in conversations about mental health and well-being issues specific to the Latinx community. She tackles tough subjects and interviews experts in the field. Some episodes are in Spanish. 




    MentalPodLogoFinalYellow-01.thumb.png.2a90b836b9cae3ae1ffca6d6210d3348.pngThe Mental Illness Happy Hour - 500 episodes in and it remains a top podcast in the category. The Mental Illness Happy Hour delivers weekly conversations with comedians, artists, doctors, psychologists, and friends of host Paul Gilmartin - about all things mental illness, trauma, addiction, and negative thinking. There’s something for everyone here.



    What podcasts would you add to this list?

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